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The Striker Spy Drone

This is my awesome Father’s day gift from my lovely wife.  The boys and I decided to take it out to see how this little guy would hold our attention!

Striker Spy Drone Review

First Impressions of the Drone

Laurie found the Striker Spy Drone by World Tech Toys at TJ-Max for $49.99 which is a couple bucks less than I have seen it online.  Its a 2.4GHz radio controlled drone that can take video and photos that it stores on a chip residing on the drone itself. It does’t transfer via wifi so you have to pull the chip to view your images.  Its really light weight but the plastic seems pretty durable minus the propellers.  They seem like a harder, more brittle plastic, but they give you four extra props.

The controller’s stickers were not placed on the controller very well, which isn’t a huge deal but doesn’t make me do back flips either.  The one bad thing is that the two fine tuning adjustment buttons are stuck and won’t depress.  I can probably fix that but right now it doesn’t seem to affect anything so I will worry about that later.

The Spy Drone comes with instructions, a storage card for photos and video and a USB adapter so you can pull them from the card.  It also has  a USB batter charger that you can plugin to a cell phone wall adapter (it doesn’t come with a wall adapter).  It also has four extra propellers and a small screwdriver to replace them when/if necessary.  You will need 4 AA Batteries to get started.


First Flights of the Drone


As excited as we were to launch this thing into the atmosphere, the battery had to charge for almost an hour.  So we plugged it in and waited. One note about the charger… It has a red LED that will turn on when its done.  If you plug it in and there are not lights… its not ready.  The red light turns on while plugged in… you are all set.


Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Super fun to fly
  • Video and photos
  • Easy Mode
  • Stunts and Speed modes
  • Great learning toy

The Cons

  • Battery doesn’t last long enough
  • Video quality won’t win any awards
  • My controller was broken
  • Controller was not well crafted

While the drone was pretty cool, after a few days we noticed that the rear motors were loosing power and could not support the drone for flight.  This could have been just our unit but given the feel of the drone over all, I feel like the components used were probably on the economy side.

If you see this guy on sale it may be worth testing out.  If you want to get serious about a video drone, I would look for a model with a better camera and that’s a bit better built.