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Connecting to the Raspberry Pi 2b via Ethernet Cable

Use Putty and an Ethernet cable to connect with your laptop

So the goal of this project is to connect to our Raspberry Pi 2b through an ethernet cable rather than through the GUI.

In order to do this, we need an ethernet cable.  It can be a straight or a cross-over cable.  The Pi is smart enough to detect the cable.  It just has to be a working cable 🙂


Adding an IP to the end of CMDLine.txt in Raspbian - ip=

Step 1. Edit “cmdline.txt”

The first thing we need to do is add an IP Address identifier at the end of the cmdline.txt file.  I used the IP after reading this post.


Step 2. Connect with Putty!

Now all that is left is to plug the Raspberry Pi 2b into the laptop or computer with an ethernet cable – wait about 2 minutes… and connect to the Pi.  Add the IP Address as the Hostname with a connection type of SSH and click open.

The UN & PW defaults for the raspberry pi are pi:raspberry.